Only in Nigeria Moments

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Nigeria is indeed a great country. Although we have our challenges but I still believe we will overcome them

Now there are some things that are peculiar to Nigeria or Nigerians and they are quite hilarious. Though some are annoying and especially if you don't live in Nigeria and you came visiting.

Let me mention a few of them

1. We Nigerians have an inclination for competing over silly things such as being broke, humility, suffering, etc. Trust me if you tell an average Nigerian that you're broke, he/she will start by saying "your own is even good" and they will tell you how they've not eaten for days due to lack of money. Or you tell them of your problem, they will give you reasons why theirs is bigger than yours. We do these things like there's a prize to be won.

2. A random person disciplining a child because they feel the child is disrespectful. Neighbours sometimes hit another person's child when the parents are not around because the child is 'stubborn' when he is only being a child. Personally, I don't like this.

3. Screaming up NEPA. It is only in Nigeria when power is restored we scream up NEPA especially when there has been a blackout and everybody rushes to their apartments to put on their electrical appliances. But in my state, we say "light don come".

4. It is only in Nigeria when power has being interrupted we check our neighbours to see if they still have light (we have trust issues) and if they do, we look for someone in similar situation to get a solution.

5. Only in Nigeria a group of persons having a social function block major roads and streets to do their thing. If you live around that vicinity, you'll have to park your car elsewhere till the function is over. This is so annoying.

That's all for now.
There'll be a continuation next week. Feel free to add yours.

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