8 Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is not something one should go through though some could be for motivation. It can make you frustrated and also look like a mean person if the person next to you doesn't understand that you are stressed out.

It is important to know the cause of one's stress so as to know how to deal with it. Even life changing event such as weddings and job promotions can cause stress. But in all you do, you should know that no one is perfect.

Here are few tips to deal with it

1. Try going for a short walk to get fresh air as this will help to clear your head and make you feel better. You know there's something about nature,itgives you a certain calmness.

2. You should try to sleep more. Lack of sleep can contribute to stress. And also, stress can disrupt our sleep. So make your bedroom comfortable enough to sleep in.
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3. Try talking to someone you you trust. Stress can make you not see things clearly. So talking to someone about how you fe…

12 Misconceptions Ladies Have About Men

There are some misconceptions most females have about men. When I say men I mean real men, not babies in masculine form.

Here are the truths about these misconceptions. Bear in mind that these are not true about all men since we are all created differently.

1. All guys are the same. No, they are not all the same and they do not all cheat. Some also change from cheating. It's a thing of the mind.

2. Hitting on them. It might interest you to know that guys like it when ladies hit on them especially the shy ones. It doesn't make you look cheap, but to some African guys, they think it is not African like even though deep down they love it.

3. Men just want sex. That's not true except as a lady you're using it as a tool for manipulation or don't have any other value to add. They also want to commit but with the right person.

4. That men are not emotional. That's not true, they also cry like ladies and want to cuddle too. It's also easy for guys to fall in lov…

What You Must Know About Autism

Hey people, every April 2nd is World Autism awareness day and today we are talking about it.
Autism refers to a developmental disorder that shows lack of social interaction and communication.
Autism can be diagnosed by a team of specialists or psychiatrist who works with autistic persons.

Before researching on this topic, I had believed that people with autism are practically handicapped like you hold them around and they can't do anything without someone's assistance. There are some people that have never heard about autism.

Autistic people are not all the same that's why it is referred to as autistic spectrum. They only share certain personality traits. It can be mild or acute. One way to help them is by first accepting them, especially the kids.

They may have challenges with expressing empathy effectively but that doesn't mean they don't have at all. You just need to understand that they are special. They mostly feel empathy towards those they relate to and ha…

Showing Love

Happy Easter guys! And to my French people, Joyeuses Pâques. Today is the day set aside by Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is a season of love. It is because of love Jesus laid down his life for us. But in the world today, love is lacking.
How many of us can lay down our lives for our friends or loved ones? How many of us make sacrifices by putting the welfare of others before ourselve?

I'm not talking about the romantic love between two people who are in a relationship. People are not willing to show it but want to receive it. Around us, we see some wealthy people having poor neighbours and not wanting to help them but instead oppress them.

Personally, I feel good whenever I assist someone in need no matter how little. Though most times I don't show it, inside of me I feel elated.

Genuine compliment given to a random stranger can brighten them.
Your words of encouragement can also uplift someone. Sometimes, all what a person in distress needs…

7 interesting Facts About French Language

Hey guys, this post was supposed to be for yesterday but I couldn't do that because I was ill and I'm sorry about that. Yesterday was French Language Day and in case you don't know, I'm a French graduate from the University of Uyo.

So let me tell you a bit about myself, studying French was initiated by my dad and I agreed. Even when I changed my mind my parents almost crucified me. That wasn't really my passion but I'm still grateful and if given another opportunity, I'll do it again. I also met different people from other schools while I did my Language Immersion Program (LIP) at the CENTRE INTERNATIONAL DE RECHERCHE ET D'ETUDE DE LANGUES (CIREL) at VILLAGE DU BENIN, Lomé, Togo.

So here are some interesting facts about French Language.

1. French language is spoken in all the continents of the world and it is taught in every country.

2. French language has influenced English language with words like déjà vu, voilà, coup d'état, etc.

3. French is a…

Movie Review: Black Panther

Hey guys,

It's another day for a movie review and this time it is the rave of the moment, Black Panther.
Now, I hear some peeps complain of how the producer of the movie is white and how they are only using our sentiments to cash in. C'mon, for once let's keep sentiments aside and appreciate this great work. We Blacks had always wanted something like this and now we have it.
So here goes the review.

First of all, I absolutely loved Black Panther. The graphics were amazing. The technology in the movie is mind blowing and way ahead of the entire world. I like that it showed what Africa would have probably been without the Colonizers and foreigners coming to corrupt our minds. It showed how Africa would have been if its wealth and brain power hadn't been tapped and drained by the Colonizers.

Secondly, I like that the women in Black Panther weren't made to look weak and helpless. They weren't made to bow to the men or seek approval for their existence. The entire A…

Celebrating Women

"Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is the unfinished business of our time, and the greatest human rights challenge in our world."
— UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

The International Women's Day is a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate women in all spheres of life.

This year's theme is #PressForProgress but the UN has a separate theme which is "Time is Now : Rural and urban activists transforming women's lives".
It is important for us to remember this day.

Since time immemorial, real women have been known to transform lives. In this part of the world where I come from, women with husbands singlehandedly raise their kids even when the father's are financially capable of doing that. But instead they go lavish their money elsewhere. These women are worth celebrating.

A woman bears the burden of a family and caters for the education of the children and when they become successful, the fathers spring forth from…

9 Sleeping Hacks You Should Know

Hey guys, I know it's been a while I posted and I'm sorry about that, so let's get talking.
Most people deal with having difficulty in sleeping and I'm gonna share some tips to help deal with that. You can also share with family and friends. Here they are :

1. Try staying awake : Our minds have a way of playing with us by doing the opposite of what we want. If you try to stay awake to do something, your sleep that night is usually sweet. So also use this method when you want to sleep.

2. Try listening to music on a low volume and keep your room dark. I mean the soft kind of music. When your room is cool, dark and some soft music playing at the background, you're going to have a sound sleep. For me, I enjoy Yanni and Enya.

3. Try to make your room cool. I know in Nigeria because of the lack of power, this will be difficult for some Nigerians. But you can still try something by cleaning your room, arranging clothes that lie around the room, if you have net on your …

Only in Nigeria Moments II

So I said I was gonna continue the only in Nigeria moments and this is it. You can find the first post here.

1. Eating on the roadside by our politicians. This thing can be funny and annoying. It is one sure way to win the hearts of their followers. And the media team is always available to capture the moment which later becomes newsworthy. The elections are forthcoming and you'll soon see this all over the media.

2. One thing that is peculiar to Nigeria is the use of generators due to our poor electricity. So almost every household owns a set. At night, your generator will go off and you'll go out to check the problem but find nothing wrong and as you're entering your house, someone will just follow you inside and that's it, robbery. So if you're in Nigeria and your generator goes off at night, just forget about it and stay indoors cos you might not like the outcome. There have also been cases of assassination through this method.

3. "Oga drop something&q…

Movie Review : June (the movie)

First of all, this movie is a Nollywood movie produced by Chinney Love Eze and directed by Desmond Elliot not the Hollywood 2015 June movie.

The movie centers around June a wedding planner who is in search of love.

Before going to see this movie, I had thought it was one of those over hyped Nollywood movies and I didn't plan on going to see it but a friend of mine insisted we go see it and I agreed since I had extra cash to 'waste'.

The movie is a romantic comedy and trust me it will crack you up especially if you have a mum like June's mum. The cast portrayed their roles very well.

Now this movie is a reflection of our society. A single female approaching the age of thirty or past thirty is believed to be married and if not so, becomes a thing of worry especially by our mothers. And also having those boyfriends that are not ready to commit but will be leading you on. Even as a female, you start having silly thoughts like you having a spiritual problem or probably jin…

Only in Nigeria Moments

Photo by yodima via

Nigeria is indeed a great country. Although we have our challenges but I still believe we will overcome them

Now there are some things that are peculiar to Nigeria or Nigerians and they are quite hilarious. Though some are annoying and especially if you don't live in Nigeria and you came visiting.

Let me mention a few of them

1. We Nigerians have an inclination for competing over silly things such as being broke, humility, suffering, etc. Trust me if you tell an average Nigerian that you're broke, he/she will start by saying "your own is even good" and they will tell you how they've not eaten for days due to lack of money. Or you tell them of your problem, they will give you reasons why theirs is bigger than yours. We do these things like there's a prize to be won.

2. A random person disciplining a child because they feel the child is disrespectful. Neighbours sometimes hit another person's child when the parents …

Remembering the Holocaust

Hey guys, today is International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the theme for this year is Holocaust Remembrance : Our Shared Responsibility.

It is our duty as humans to love and respect our fellow humans. Talking about the Holocaust, it was the period around 30 January 1933 - 8 May 1945 that around 6 million European Jews and members of some groups like Gypsies and homosexuals were murdered en masse.

Adolf Hitler saw the Jews as inferior. These people were segregated. Camps and ghettos were established for them.

They were denied of basic amenities and the Jews were deprived of German citizenship. A law was even introduced that it was illegal for Germans to marry or sleep with a Jew. Their wealth were taken from them.

Churches also provided birth records of Jews to authority so that they could be identified. This goes to show the amount of hatred these people received.

Children were targeted the most because if they grew up, they would give birth t…

14 Reasons You Should be Proud of Being a Nigerian

So guys, today I'll give some reasons you should be proud of being a Nigerian.
I see and hear a lot of peeps complain about why they were born as Nigerians, how they wish they can change things. C'mon , you have to accept things the way they are and learn to love and appreciate your country cos there's no going back. And no I'm not trying to preach. So let's get started.

1. Humor, we Nigerians are very creative in making fun of our situations, from our comedians to the rest of us. We make a joke even out of a disaster and we don't let the disaster hold us down. We are good in sarcasm even among friends and family.

2. We have a rich cultural heritage. With over 250 ethnic groups, you can get the best of culture here without having to travel outside Nigeria. There so many cultures one has to discover even as a Nigerian. I also love our traditional attires. Even when people from other races wear them, they still look beautiful.

3. We Nigerians have no filter. We …

Most Embarrassing Moment

Hey guys,

I know most of us must have had one of those embarrassing moments of our lives. That moment where you just want the ground to open up and swallow you. In some instances, it could be funny while in others it could be shameful.

So let me share one of my most embarrassing moments.

I had just finished my secondary education and I had this male friend who lived with his aunt. I used to go there in the afternoons
when the aunt must have gone to her office.

One fateful day, I had gone as usual. Not too long after I reached, we heard a knock on the door, lo and behold, it was his aunt.
We started panicking, looking for where I could possibly hide. And we had to resort to me hiding behind the door.

He opened the door, she walked in and asked why he took long before opening the door and he said he was in the bathroom. She went into her room, went back to the living room and started asking series of questions.

Then his little cousin started telling her about a particular aunty (whic…


Friendship can be seen as a relationship between friends. It is the emotions of friends.

A lot of folks have misunderstood the word friend. In this context that we want to talk about, a friend is someone you know well and like. People tend to misunderstand a friend as someone you only talk with, probably a colleague, neighbour, members of the same religious organization, etc.

A friend is someone you love, trust and respect while the person also does same to you. A friend is honest and loyal.

The company you keep, determines what accompany you.

Below are some characteristics of friendship

Trust: There should be a high level of trust in every friendship. You should know what your friend is capable of doing. You can't have a friend that you think is able to snitch on you. As a female, you can't have a friend you think is capable of having an affair with your man.

Respect: It is essential in all friendships. You show respect by being polite and kind. You show respect by seeking the…

Dealing with Phobia

Hey guys,

Let's talk about phobias. Do you have any phobia or know of someone with a phobia?

Before we continue, let me share some phobias, some might be ridiculous to you.

Trypophobia - fear of clusters of small holes
Amaxophobia - fear of riding in a car
Nomophobia - fear of being without your phone
Hylophobia - fear of forests
Chaetophobia - fear of hair
Cherophobia - fear of happiness
Heliophobia - fear of sun or sunlight
Hypnophobia - fear of sleep or being hypnotized
Philophobia - fear of falling in love
Ergophobia - fear of work or finding employment.
These are just a few of the numerous phobias. So fam, let me share with you my experience.

I am nosocomephobic, meaning I have phobia for hospitals.
One day,my mum called that I should go see my aunty that was admitted in a clinic.
I couldn't tell her that I was nosocomephobic. C'mon, how dare you tell an African mum that you have some sort of stupid phobia. So I just went to the clinic.

Reaching there, I went to my…

An Encounter At The Market

Photo credit: Allnigerianrecipes

It was one of those sunny days in the city of Asaba when I went for a visit to my best friend who was serving her fatherland there.

Now, for those outside Nigeria, Asaba is the capital of Delta state in Nigeria.

A friend of ours wanted me to prepare  ogbono soup. So I decided to go to the popular Ogbogonogo market ( yeah, I know the name sounds funny). On getting there, I got all the ingredients needed for the soup except the ogbono.

In case you don't know, Ogbono is the local name for wild or African mango. The seeds are used in preparing a kind of soup and it is very popular in Nigeria.

Photo credit: Allnigerianrecipes

Okay, back to my encounter. After getting the ingredients, I was to get the ogbono. Each shop I entered and asked for it, I was told it wasn't available.
I was beginning to get agitated cos I was walking under the scorching sun even though I hate going to the market except for my personal shopping.

Finally, (with a sigh of relie…

My First Post

Hi guys, my name is Seiyifa
A graduate of French from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria.

I am starting this blog because of my love for stories. I am currently awaiting NYSC which makes me often bored staying at home and not having anyone to talk to. I believe I'll be able to free myself here.

We'll be talking about real life happenings, culture, education and so on. I'll also be sharing my personal experiences.

I'll try my best to keep us posted and hopefully we will all be entertained and educated.